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Yoga vs. Science
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The Science of Yoga YogaThe healing science of yoga is a tradition being followed for centuries for personal fulfillment, self-realization and living a healthy and stress free life. Modern medical research suggests that correct and regular practice of Yoga can help prevent or treat many types of ailments. Yoga is a spiritual practice for personal growth that includes both physical and mental exercises. Yoga practice helps to bring about total relaxation of the body and the mind, which enables healing to occur at a deeper level of the human personality. Yoga is a comprehensive system of practices to promote integrated growth at all levels of human personality: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Yoga science represents a scientific application of Yoga as a therapy. The Sanskrit meaning of the word Yoga is union or integration. It represents a process through which one learns how to live life in the most integrated way.

This becomes possible through a series of constant efforts for identification and elimination of all the elements that lead to disintegration. The health of the body and mind, therefore, becomes important to tackle the issues that result in the disintegration of the mind.

Thus Yoga, at one level, can be used as a science of personal growth for spiritual experience, and on the other, as a science of health and healing. The word "YOGA" is often identified with the "YOGI", a person who is practicing spirituality in Himalayan caves for years together. This is basically due to lack of knowledge about the "Science of Yoga " in its true sense. This leads to wrong notions among people that one must sacrifice normal life and go to the Himalayas for such practices, further strengthening the belief that YOGA is beyond their reach and keeping them miles away from it. However of late Institutions and Organizations propagating yoga by adapting Yogasan and Pranayam practices have by and large changed the attitude of the masses towards this science.

Ironically, Yoga is viewed both, as too easy and therefore very casual without potential, or too difficult and complex and therefore hard to practice. Many people call themselves expert if they happen to know a few asanas. One needs to overcome the extremities of these thoughts in order to enjoy the real treasure of Yoga. For this one has to study and understand the basics of Yoga.

Understanding the fundamentals of yoga followed by proper practice in daily life gives realization that "Yoga is a resourceful way of living life with happiness and prosperity." But for this experience one needs to understand the spirit of the word 'happiness' and 'prosperity.' It is a mere illusion that we find happiness in this world only when our materialistic desires are fulfilled and the unfulfilled desires make us to experience sorrow.

Every one wants to add something more to what is already with him. This fulfillment of expectations has limitations. Beyond a limit no additional expectation can be fulfilled. Unfulfillment of this additional expectation leads to sorrow. The idea that gaining something more can give happiness leads to unhappiness when no gain is made. But accepting the fact that there is no happiness in gaining something more will rule out the possibility of being unhappy in future, i.e. unfulfillment of expectations lead to sorrow.

If there are no expectations there can be no unfulfilled expectations and therefore no sorrow. With this philosophical thinking we can understand the meaning of Lord Krishna's verse in Bhagwad Gita.

"Karmanye wadhikaraste ma faleshu kadacchana"

If one does his duty without expectation in this materialistic world, happiness and sorrow or loss or gain will not affect him. In spite of paradox of duels while relishing materialistic things, he will be in the state of equilibrium. This equilibrium is a light-house showing way towards realistic happiness. To lead life in such a balanced state is YOGA.


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