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No matter how much one may try to relax the mind, all tensions and worries cannot be completely removed until one reaches spiritual relaxation.

As long as a person identifies with the body and the mind, there will be worries, sorrows, anxieties, fear and anger. These emotions, in turn bring tension. Yogis know that unless a person can withdraw from the body/mind idea and separate himself from the ego-consciousness, there is no way of obtaining complete relaxation.

The yogi identifies himself with the all-pervading, all-powerful, all-peaceful and joyful self, or pure consciousness within. He knows that the source of all power, knowledge, peace and strength is in the self, not in the body. We tune to this by asserting the real nature that is "I am that pure consciousness or self". This identification with the self completes the process of relaxation.

At birth, when you inhaled your first breath, you became a spiritual being. But, what does that mean?

The spiritual interacts with the other dimensions of life. It operates much like the traffic reports we get during the rush hour. It senses what is going on within us. We can choose to ignore the "reports" it give, or we can listen to them. More than that, just as a light needs electricity to work, the human body needs the spirit to function.

Some people use the words "spiritual" and "religious" interchangeably, but spirituality is really a broad term; religious ideas and concerns are only a part of a much larger concept. So, while some people's spirituality is very much related to God or a higher power and might include worship in a church, synagogue, or mosque, for others spirituality may have nothing to do with religion and things like praying or going to the church. Some examples of spiritual activities are meditation, traveling, reading, learning or doing something new, focusing on nature, and becoming deeply moved by music.


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