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Yoga meditation science is complete in itself. It deals with all levels of ones being, and provides a vast array of detailed explanations and practices to go along with those concepts. Yoga meditation is a science, providing a blueprint for the architecture of consciousness, and a roadmap to the center of consciousness.

Highly useful among the texts on yoga science are the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, and the Upanishads, which are said to be the distillation, the "juice" of the Vedas, among the oldest teachings known to humanity. Seen through the eye of the yogi or the mystic, many of the books of the worlds religions are also guides in the science of yoga, of the wholeness of the inner journey.

The science of yoga meditation is taught in oral tradition by thousands of people around the world, as they have for thousands of years. Among those are a handful of enlightened ones, called by such names as saint, sage, seer, yogi, or master (of themselves). Preeminent among them are the sages of the Himalayas.

Music and MeditationMusic and Meditation

A professional musician will spend years studying the theory of music and learning the methods of the past master musicians. But theory alone cannot make you a great musician. For that one also needs to practice the music lessons as well. The professional musician practices the art and the science of music.

A complete musician is one who has sound knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of music. A serious meditation student will also do both, the theoretical and the practical, aspects of meditation.


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