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Relationship between Attention and Meditation
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Meditation means attention. Attention is the primary skill of Yoga Meditation. Attention leads to Concentration. Concentration leads to Samadhi. But to reach the blissful state of samadhi you have to start with attention.

Attention can be achieved at two levels:
  1. Attention during meditation

  2. Attention in daily life
Attention in daily life can be achieved through:
  • Paying attention to everything you do, while you are doing it

  • Observing your actions, and that you are using your body, hands, arms, legs, etc. to do those actions

  • Observing your senses, noticing the fact that you are smelling, tasting, seeing, touching, and hearing.

  • Being aware of your breath, and the quality of the breath.

  • Being aware of your thinking process and emotions.

  • Observing not only external, but also your internal states.

  • Observing the stillness within, and the silence.
Pay attention to everything! It means to cultivate an attitude of attention to all of our actions, speech, and thoughts. This attention is achieved gently and with time. Attention will help us in taking decisions as we will be very selective in choosing our decisions and not choose them out of mere habit.


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