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Meditation is like the art of the musician and the science of sound vibration.
Meditation deals with Senses, Body, Breath, and Mind. There is an art in the process of observing, accepting, understanding, and training each of these various aspects of our being.Meditation

In observing the senses, one becomes increasingly mindful of the way the mind is drawn here and there by smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. One comes to see the many ways in which the body cleanses and eliminates, the elegant force of our sensual drive on actions and artistic expression, the beautiful varieties of motion and dexterity of holding objects, and the awesome process of speech. To observe, accept, understand, and train these faculties is most definitely an art form.

In doing yoga postures, one learns with heightened awareness and concentration to let the body to flow into the postures. This is an art.

With breathing practices, one may spend many minutes seeing how very smooth and slow one can make the breath, while eliminating jerkiness and pauses. This can bring calmness to the physical body and stillness to the mind. This too is an art.

Once one gets past the initial frustration with quieting the conscious mind, the mind is seen to be an awesome instrument, with many currents and cross-currents. Yet, the meditator comes to see that "who we are" is beyond this mind, and that the gentle examination of thoughts and emotions is an intriguing and joyful part of the journey to the center of consciousness. This exploration too is an art.


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